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Monday, October 02, 2006

Factory Space presents 'The Hollow' at the Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly, Australia.

Agatha Christie's murder mystery play 'The Hollow' will open at the Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly on November 2nd.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Agatha Christie's death. Well known as the best selling fiction writer of all time, Christie was also a very successful playwright. Her most famous work 'The Mousetrap', opened in 1952 and is still showing in London - the world's longest continuously running play.

Adapted for the stage by the Queen of Crime herself from one of her own books, Christie's 'The Hollow' premiered in London in 1951. This year, it has again delighted UK audiences, as the first production of the new Agatha Christie Theatre Company.

'The Hollow' is a classic Christie murder mystery: ingenious and witty with a fascinating collection of characters whose fears are real and whose passions run deep.

Guests assemble for a weekend in the country. Its members joined by blood, marriage, lust and money, the party masks a tangled web of secret jealousies and desires. At the centre is the dashing John Cristow, his current mistress, his ex-lover and his wife. Someone is murdered. Everyone is suspect. Inspector Colquhoun and Sergeant Penny of Scotland Yard arrive and, secret by secret, the web unravels.

The cast includes Sylvia Allewelt, Bronwen Gault, Amelia Longhurst, Daniel McCallum, Ben Mclaine, Belinda Marques, Kath Perry, Alan Popely and Adam Salter. The play is directed by Roz Riley for Factory Space and designed by Hecate.

(Critics'comments on the 2006 UK production by The Agatha Christie Theatre Co:"I loved every minute of it. So did the people around me." Daily Telegraph "Christie's tale twists and turns, throwing up red herrings left and right. Brilliant!" Evening Telegraph "For Christie fans this is a must!" Windsor Observer)

Factory Space is resident at Star of the Sea Theatre in Manly and celebrates its 10th year as an independent theatre company in 2006. This is the final production in this year's season of four plays and three play readings.

Information about the 2007 season will be available in November at or by calling 02 9439 1906.

The Hollow' Star of the Sea Theatre, corner Collingwood St and Iluka Avenue, Manly. Opens Thursday 2 November. Plays Thurs-Sat to 18 November at 7:30 pm, Sunday 5 November at 2pm and Sunday 12 November at 5:00 pm Tickets $28/$23. Group discounts and School parties by arrangement. Info and Bookings: 02 9439 1906. Media Contact: Kath Perry 02 8920 8980


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