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Monday, August 28, 2006

How To Make A Miss Marple Afternoon Tea

Not only does she knit and solve crimes but Agatha Christie's quintessentially English detective Miss Marple also serves an afternoon tea to die for! Here's how you can do the same.

Use the prettiest, most delicate, china tea service you can.

Make sure your cutlery is gleaming bright.

Set the table with a snowy white lacy or linen table cloth and matching napkins.

If possible, use tealeaves rather than teabags and provide a tea strainer.

As well as milk and sugar (lumps for preference) have a small dish of sliced lemons.

Provide two teapots – one containing the actual tea and one with hot water.

Have a three-tiered cake stand with sandwiches on the bottom tier, freshly baked scones on the middle tier and a selection of fruitcake and fairy/cream cakes on the top tier.

Put jam, honey, clotted cream and butter into small individual pots or dishes.

Place paper doilies on each tier before placing the food on it.

Sandwiches should have the crusts removed and be cut into small triangles.

Use a mixture of white and brown/granary bread.

Suggested sandwich filling are: thinly sliced cucumber, salmon, and cream cheese.

Garnish your sandwiches with a little mustard and cress or watercress and pretty up the scone and cake tiers by added a few strawberries or other soft fruit.

Ideally, and weather permitting, serve your afternoon tea out of doors.


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